Songs Of The Living Dead

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Ken Yokoyama 2018年 CD
Songs Of The Living Dead
全 1 枚 : 20 曲

Ken Yokoyama Songs Of The Living Dead [CD]

1. I Fell For You, Fuck You
2. My Shoes
3. What Kind Of Love
4. My Day
5. Nervous
6. Don’t Wanna Know If You Are Lonely
7. Swap The Flies Over Your Head
8. If The Kids Are United
9. You’re Not Welcome Anymore
10. Walk
11. Sayonara Hotel
12. Going South
13. Brand New Cadillac
14. Dead at Budokan
15. Hungry Like The Wolf
16. Nothin' But Sausage
17. Living After Midnight
18. A Stupid Fool
19. A Decade Lived
20. Soulmate

Songs Of The Living Dead

単独名義としては2015年リリースの『Sentimental Trash』以来3年ぶりとなるセルフコンピレーションアルバム


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